Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fresh Bakery Aisle

When you look at our fresh Bakery aisle, we have many pre-packaged items that come from all over. We carry cookies from Lofthouse, which is a very good brand. We carry almost every type of cookie they make. We have cinnamon rolls, muffins, baklava, danish, cookies, too many things to list and brands you'll find in lots of other stores. But we also do some things in our own Bakery.

As I said in our last blog, we make our donuts fresh each and every day. But did you know we also make some great rolls? We do a green onion and cheddar roll and a jalapeno and cheedar roll. Both start out with French bread, which is a lean dough with almost no fat or sugar. Then we chop in either fresh green onions from our very own Produce section or chop in sliced jalapenos and we add Tillamook medium cheddar cheese. Delicious! They are weighed out into a 4 ounce bun then proofed and baked until the cheese is golden brown.

What can you do with these rolls? Well, they taste great just as they are but you can dunk them in soups or stews, use as a hamburger bun or sandwich roll, either as the are or toasted or grilled. My favorite is the green onion and cheddar roll, lightly toasted, with grilled ham. One of my customers said she tried them with grilled fish. Or they make a great breakfast sandwich. Sausage and egg anyone? Yummy! And the smell of the rolls is incredible as they come out of the oven. If you are lucky enough to be in the store when they come out of the oven, you know what I mean. There is no better smell in the world, I think, than fresh bread baking. It just smells like home.

We also make a Cheese and Onion stick. It's a french bread stick that we roll in a mixture of reconstituted dehydrated onions, Italian seasoning, poppy seeds for crunch and Tillamook medium cheedar cheese. Why reconstituted dehydrated onions? Because they are milder and more consistent in flavor and size as well as texture and I don't have to cry over them. They are great with soup or salad or just to munch. My daughter likes to split them and make skinny little long sandwiches out of them. My grandson likes to just munch on them whenever and he doesn't like onions.

We also bake fresh Kaiser rolls, french dinner rolls and french sub rolls, all available in white or wheat, and golden hamburger buns. We also make a garlic cheese roll, which is basically a sub roll but its topped with garlic powder and Tillamook medium cheddar cheese. I like to toast it in the oven a little then pile on the meat. Don't need any cheese as it's all ready there. Louanne, our Deli manager, says she likes them in a French Dip sandwich. Any way you like them, they are a great sandwich roll.

We have also begun carrying more Gluten Free products for those people with either allergies to wheat or with Celiac disease. We get some of our products from the Gluten Free Bakery and Market in Poulsbo. They deliver fresh to us twice a week. But we also get gluten-free cookies from Alternative Bakery in California that specializes in making only makes vegan and gluten-free cookies. And we just added some new breads from Canyon Bakehouse. They are available in white, 7 grain, rosemary focaccia, raisin bread and hamburger buns. And then we have the WOW brand cookies and brownies. We also added French Meadows gluten-free cakes this week. They are a 4 inch cake in chocolate or yellow, available thawed on the gluten-free rack at the end of our Bakery aisle, or in the freezer case. We also have gluten-free individual cheesecakes by Chuckanut Bay in Strawberry swirl, New York or Chocolate. I am trying to get a good variety of products for those who cannot do gluten. They are more expensive than the regular baked goods but a big portion of that is because some of the ingredients needed to make them as close to "normal" as possible are very expensive. Hopefully as demand goes up, price may come down more eventually. But until then, I will try to find the best products for the least price.

And as always, if you want a product and we don't seem to carry it, just ask and I will see what I can do to get it for you. We are here to serve our customers to the best of our abilities so we try to get what you want. If there is ever anything you don't see but want, let us know. We gladly do special orders. If it's not available through our suppliers, I will try to provide it for you. And don't forget we do custom cakes to order, too. Thanks for reading this and hop eto see you in the store soon. Happy Eating!

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